About us

Business Psychology Association (BPA) is a student association for the MSc programme in Leadership and Organizational Psychology. Founded in 2010, BPA aims to increase the visibility of this program and its students, and to add to its professional value. Moreover, BPA seeks to provide an arena for enabling interaction between current students, alumni and businesses, so that they can draw on each other’s experiences and build beneficial networks.

We strongly emphasize the importance of a healthy and collaborative class spirit, and we aspire to engage the student body in constructive activities. Some of the events that are hosted annually are “The BPA Day” and “BPA Connection”, in addition to social gatherings like the “LOP Buddy Week” during the academic year. BPA’s ambition is that these events and networking opportunities will add professional viability to the students’ experiences at BI, while motivating and preparing them for their future careers.

From left: Head of Finance – Marius Kristoffersen,
Head of Business Relations – Kine Sandø Kleppe,
Head of Projects – Gayane Muradyan,
Head of PR and Communication – Ingvild Fredvang Falck-Ytter,
Vice President – Camilla Jensen Brustuen,
President – Ariz Ghazi,
Head of Events – Marius Tungesvik.